• ask yourself

    Are you getting what you want in your relationships?

    Are you tired of arguing with your spouse?

    Are you tired of your children not listening to you?

    Are you unhappy with your family or social life?

    Are you suffering from Depression or Anxiety?

    Do you feel lonely, hopeless, and despair?

    Do you feel isolated in the midst of friends and family?

    Do you feel obligated to cater to others' needs?

  • problems

    Common relationship problems include:

    • Lack of satisfaction
    • Feeling unappreciated
    • Unable to express your thoughts and feelings
    • Feeling obligated to cater to others' needs
    • Blame, shame and guilt dominates the relationship
    • Trust and honesty is absent
    • Cannot tolerate difference and individuality
    • Frequent disagreements and/or physical fights
    • Unresolved conflicts
    • Unable to sustain romantic relationships or friendships
    • Extramarital affairs
    • Feeling distant
  • the effects

    Common effects:

    • Have lower immune systems
    • More prone to physical and mental stress, depression & anxiety,
      and other chronic illness
    • Are more likely to develop unhealthy habits
    • Have lower self-esteem
    • Have lower life satisfaction
  • solutions

    Being stuck in Unhealthy relationships can be very draining and devastating to you and others who care about you. It prevents you from being loved and loving others. It can also damage you emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually.

    There are 3 components to my counselling service:

    • find out what is missing in your relationship
    • gain understanding of what is needed to build healthy relationships
    • explore and implement new ways to improve your relationships

    If you have any questions about the counselling process or if you want to find out if my service is right for you, please contact me at 604-227-7305. Your information will be kept confidential. Make your call today! No referral necessary.

    (Service is provided in Cantonese, Mandarin and English )